Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sembang Kami


Him:    How do you feel, sayangku

Her:    I feel fine. The bigger stitches on the wounds feel so itchy..... sign of healing I guess

Him: Yes... sign of healing. You'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow.... He is taking off your bandages.  Maybe he will find something else.... (He chuckled!) Maybe there are some stitch worms eating your wounds.......reason for "itching"!

I did not smile.  I looked at him, long and hard scrutinizing him for some clues and reactions from his face.  He did not smile either.  He just looked straight ahead on the road concentrating on his driving.  I hated it when he did that.  All the times... why is he like that?!  Then........... slowwwwly turning his face towards me all beaming with his biggest smile ever from ear to ear!   Ding bat!   He could not stand it any longer.  I knew it!!  Should have known!

Him & Her :     Hahahahaha (laughing really hard until my belly hurt)


  1. Gurauan suami isteri yang menambahkan kemesraan... :)

  2. Country road take me the time I get to Phoenix.... blessed be, must be such a memorable ride certainly!