Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nota Happy Birthday SH


Yesterday was SH's special day of her life but I was unable to post anything here then.  She turned twenty-five years old.  

To a special daughter

From the moment you were born,
A mother knew what love was really about.
A mother loved you more than anything,
Beyond a shadow of a doubt.
The bond a mother felt was unbreakable
And instantly she knew,
That she would spend eternity
Thanking Illahi for a miracle….you.
Time has quickly passed by,
And now you’re quite a little lady
But in a mother's eyes you will always be,
Her precious little baby.
One day in the future,
Allah will bless you with a miracle too.
Then you know the depth of love,
That a mother will always have for you.
I will be here for you always,
Forever and a day.
Loving you unconditionally,
Every step along the way.

Happy Birthday!

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