Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nota Feeling Better


It has been a while I have been feeling weird and sick.  Cough is the number one devil that drove me crazy!  I have been in and out of cardiology's office far too much.  They put me on for tests after tests and finally they came up with these two results:  

1)     I have liquid around the heart
2)     I have irregular heart beats

I asked him "what the hacks are those?"  I know that he was trying to choose the right words as not to scaring me with the answers.  He said that everything is treatable and he would treat me to help me feel well.  Well, I agreed and let him put me on medications..... !  Yakkkkkk!  Who wouldn't!

Alhamdulillah, I have been feeling much better since and I have been walking for a couple of miles each day in the morning.  I used to walk everyday around our neighborhood as well around the Canyon Lake before I got ill.

Other then seeing the cardiologist for "heart trouble", I also visited our family doctor office which is only a couple of miles away from our home.  A nurse put me in one of their rooms for treatment.  Shortly after a doctor came in and greeted me starting with, "How are you ma'am and what can I do for you today?"  Before I could answer him, he asked me if I have had any flu shot this year.  

I answered "Yes, I have.  You gave me that flu shot and I have been sick ever since! .."  The answer just came up like that.  Unfortunately, it was true.  I was so sick almost immediately after I had that flu shot few months ago!  I know I should have answered him nicely ..but being so tired and sick, I just didn't feel like being nice to him either...  I still wished that I had not taken the flu shot.   One difficult old woman that I was...

Today, it was extremely cold and windy and I still have the desire for the morning walk.  I dressed  up well for the purpose.  I have a tiny device with ear plugs sticking on into my both ears to listen music.  I tuned it loud and began my walk.  I have Mehar Zain playing on and I like his music.  It was cold to the bone but I enjoy the weather.  It was so beautiful with a little sun trying to peak out from behind the cloud.  The hard blowing wind and its sound did not bother me at all.  I stopped by at one spot I found two days ago while walking and sat down there on the hard road.  I tuned off the music and quietly listened to the sound of roaring winds.  The sound was frightening at first but slowly I began to like and enjoy it.  Seemed like I was part of it helping me feeling very calm.  Have you ever done that sort of silly stuff?  The scenery was stunningly beautiful ....  with birds and wild turkeys perfecting the picture.  I sat there for five minutes, maybe much longer then left to complete my morning walk.

I have a beautiful and restful day today... thank you Allah...


  1. The sound of the roaring winds!. I experienced it quite a many times. But that was quite a long time. Almost 30 years ago when I was in Italy for a year. We used to walk very early morning to catch a bus to take us to a sort of college. Sure I missed that kind of environment.

    Anyway I wish you well and Happy New Year 2015.

    1. Thank you PakMail. You must have been travelling abroad a lot during your younger days, yes. We always have strong wind coming from the north especially in winter. The sound sometimes very scary too. Happy New Year 2015 to you too.